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What are Different Type of Ad Formats in Facebook ?

Facebook has expanded over the years and helped people connect throughout the world. It has broken physical boundaries as you can meet anyone from anywhere at any time in a digital medium and express your thoughts on anything. It has helped build communities throughout the world that have the same type of views about anything. With this increasingly digital landscape, it would only be a wise decision to advertise our business in this medium. Facebook itself provides various methods by which you can show your ad. Let's understand all these types for better brand ad optimization.
Image ads: Image ads are one of the most widely used forms of advertising on Facebook. It can show all your brand's qualities in a short amount of content. These ads should be highly optimised in terms of content. One more thing to take care of here is the pixelation of the image, as the main product should not be stretched out. It is a good choice for any stage of the business funnel. It could be used for brand promotion as well as direct sales. It should have focused on the message, and it also should have been to the point, as we don't have a lot of space here for expanded explanations.
Video ads - Video ads are small video presentations which to market a product or increase brand awareness by telling the specs of the product. It is seen that video ads have high engagement rates. small entertaining ads look alluring to the viewers. The only thing to be considered is that creating a video ad can be time-consuming and if you have a small message, it might feel like an excessive effort for a small brand. Things that need to be taken care of while making a video are that it should be short and entertaining also. it should start with a band and should be eye-catching, or people might scroll over it.
Slideshow ads Slideshow ads are like little cousins of video ads. This is basically a little slide show of images or little videos that expands into five parts. It could be useful for people who don't want to create a full-fledged video ad but still want to attract attention with the use of sound and visuals. The thing that needs to be considered here is the use of high-quality images or videos to create an impact on the viewer's mind. A sound complementing the image is also a good strategy. These ads could be used to target areas where internet connections are slow.
Stories ads: These are full-screen ads that appear in the stories section of Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp. Stories can be in either image or video format. It gives you the freedom to play with different video features like emojis, effects, and even augmented reality, which helps you create an impression in your viewer's mind. Things to be considered while making this kind of ad are to make the pace of the stories or images faster and optimise your images or videos for full-screen viewing.
Instant Experience Ads: These are ads designed especially for mobile platforms. It is a kind of interactive ad where people can rotate, swipe, move the screen in different directions, and zoom in and zoom out. It might be hard for people who do not have the technical knowledge to create such ads. An already-made template might come in handy in this situation. You should be repeating your theme throughout the ad, or people might get distracted.
Carousel ads- In Carousel ads, viewers can swipe through photos or videos with their own captions. It could be used to show a number of products or product specifications to the viewer. It can have different links attached for easy access to your website. It could also be used to tell a story through different pages, which feels more interactive to the viewers. You should use top-performing images or videos to attract the attention of viewers.
Collection ads In collection ads, you have an opportunity to show many products as a viewer clicks on the ads. Collection ads could be considered an evolution of carousel ads. It is more customizable and full-screen, giving a shop-kind of feel to the viewer. It can be used by big online stores as well as companies with few products. One of the best practices is that you should let the Facebook algorithm choose the product to be shown in a small window. Fill your catalogue with different kinds of products. Pick your most eye-catching ad which lures people in to click on the ad. All these kinds of ads are a part of our social media strategy for the promotion of brands. If you want these kinds of ads to be designed.

Ways to promote your blog on social media.?

If you are a website owner or a businessman, you know how important it is to create a blog. They can be created to express a view, about some product, or to explain a topic of business interest. Blogs help people get informed about a topic and help businesses drive traffic to their websites. For this, your blog should be interesting enough to catch the viewer's attention. Promoting it on social media could be a good strategy for better visibility for your blog.
Intriguing Content Let's first focus on creating a blog that could serve its purpose of getting readers hooked to the content. To accomplish this goal, the first thing a reader focuses on is the title of the blog. The title should be interesting enough to get the reader hooked on to the content. Images are another thing that makes your content more dynamic and interesting to the viewers. Images should be related to content and be graphically eye-catching. To easily create such content without proper graphic design is hard, but tools like canva can help you do this easily.
Redesigning your content for social media- Different social media websites have different kinds of post designs and different approaches to your topic. You can use content related to your blog or just rephrase the content using different internet tools to make it more intriguing for social media posts. This content should be interesting enough for viewers to share it, which helps you with a better social media reach. Make sure to give a link to your blog so people have easy access to it. Your blog should have a call to action that helps with a better conversion rate. You could repurpose your content as videos, infographics, podcasts, slideshows, or newsletters.
Have a social media strategy: Planning in advance goes a long way when it comes to business communications. Social media algorithms work in a particular way and can auto-promote your content on their site. To make this happen, you have to follow some ways, like having consistency. Post your content consistently and in a uniform structure. The mistake people make here is posting as much content as soon as they get their hands on it. Your posts should be consistent be it in the gap of 2 days or more. Use tools like Hootsuite and Sprout Social to make your posts get automatically shared on a scheduled day and time. Check the optimum time for posting with tools like tweroid, which is for Twitter, and Facebook, which has Facebook insights for this purpose. Always use intriguing thumbnails for your posts as they function as the face of your content. Make your blog easy to be searched Get your content visible to people searching the internet with active Search Engine Optimization. On-page SEO can be done individually too, just by searching for keywords on the internet using tools like ahrefs, semrush, and ubersearch, etc. Technical SEO can be purchased to make your blogs more visible on the internet.
Built and connect with communities- It is extremely easy for an internet user to create their own business page on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. You can also join communities that are already been created and related to your niche. All you have to do is be active and answer people with queries. You can add a link to your blog which could answer their question more briefly.
Increasing your social interaction People who comment on your posts should be interacted with, as people tend to like it when a brand answers their questions. It builds a healthy relationship between the audience and the brand. For example, if the person who is not interested in buying your product asks a question related to your business niche and you answer it, next time when he really needs any of the services that you provide, they are going to be more interested in getting it from you than your competition. Also, it is wise to have good relationships with other bloggers. Reading and sharing your fellow bloggers' posts influences them to read yours and share the link among their groups. You can also ask a blogger in the same niche to write a guest post, and you can write for their blogs, in which you can add links to your website and social media. It also creates the possibility for your content to be posted on their social media pages. Track your success Different social media provide different methods to understand how the audience is interacting with your content. Facebook insights and Instagram insights are some of the tools provided by social media sites themselves. For other social media, just use different tools available on the internet. Google Analytics can help you understand the reach of your blogs by accessing the websites and searching for keywords used to get access to them. UTM links can be used to get clearer insights into the audience's actions. A UTM link is a code that is attached to the end of your blog that accesses and understands the viewer's action. Add social media Button to the blog. If your blog is interesting enough, a visitor might like to share it with others. To facilitate this, you can add social media buttons on your post page. But also be careful if you add too many social media buttons. It might look intrusive to visitors and give a negative impression. For any other queries related to website creation, promotion, or management.

Evolution of PPC advertising strategies in 2022.?

The digital world is changing rapidly, and we need to change our strategies to keep up. PPC ads have proven to be one of the most profitable ways of getting leads and increasing conversion rates. As more and more companies come online, the digital world is evolving, and we need to always keep up with it for the betterment of our business. In recent years, during the pandemic, developers had enough time to enhance their methods of advertising and made available a number of ways for others to enhance pay-per-click services. Today we will introduce you to some methods that will be useful for taking advantage of PPC services. Use as many platforms as possible.
Spreading PPC ads throughout the different social media apps and websites could be your best bet for getting customers. Nowadays, different social media platforms have different sections, which means more opportunities to post PPC ads. Facebook has communities, messenger bots, niche-related pages, and different ad types that can all be used to post PPC links. Similarly, other sites in the race to get more and more interactive are introducing new sections and features that can be used for getting leads.
Remarketing campaigns The more visible a brand is, the more eligible it becomes to be trusted by the buyer. Remarketing is basically retargeting a viewer, softly influencing the human brain to trust your brand more than the competitors. When you know that a visitor has been on my site, the data related to him can be extracted and used to target him again. Because of its huge reach, Google Ads is one of the most used platforms for these kinds of remarketing campaigns. Also, it is easy to narrow down the visitor's list on the basis of time spent on the page, time spent on the page, etc.
Including Extensions Using ad extensions can help you communicate better with the viewers. Google has added many extensions over the years. Some of the most widely profitable extensions can be message extensions, in which visitors can connect to you through email or a designated phone number. You can also set automatic responses through these extensions. A call extension can be used by people to directly call your business during office hours. The Price extension is another useful extension that has the ability to provide details on the prices of a product. Google offers a lot of other extensions that can be added for better PPC services.
Responsive Ads Responsive ads give common creators the to make their ads look more dynamic and intriguing in nature. Google provides an easy-to-create responsive ad template. You will be leveraging Google's power of leveraging machine learning technology for your own profit. It gives a better reach to these kinds of ads. You can give different headlines, images, and descriptions. Google runs it through different combinations of images or headlines and automatically chooses the best combination to show.
Have a mobile-friendly Interface Half of the traffic on the internet comes through the medium of mobile phones. Also, 40 percent of online monetary transactions happen through the medium of cell phones. Still, a lot of websites don't have landing pages that are compatible with mobile devices. The best landing pages should be fast, functional on all platforms (i.e. mobile, laptop, desktop, tablet, etc.), intuitive and relevant. Creating mobile-friendly landing pages can help you get a better rate of interest. Use latest tools and techniques.
Advertising automation is happening rapidly, and you should become a part of it. scheduling the content for automatic posting or using first-party cookies instead of outdated third-party cookies. Focusing on offline conversion cookies can be another useful way of understanding the reach of PPC ads. Investing in the latest technologies like automation and machine learning could help you scale up and get hyper-targeted ads, which helps with better conversion rates.
Analyzing and re-strategizing Actively measuring your PPC ad success and creating a new strategy on the basis of the data collected is the only way you can get responses all the time. Advertisers should track on the basis of a number of factors like transactions, online contact forms, requested demos, phone calls, chat conversions, offline conversions, and other custom-made factors made for a specific business.
If you want your own custom-made PPC advertising strategy or have queries about any kind of online website creation, promotion, or management services, just contact us and we will take care of the rest.

How to choose social media channels for your business.?

Today, there are various social media channels that provide different kinds of features to interact with audiences. The problem is that there are more than 75 social media websites and apps available, and if we start posting to all of them blindly, it is extremely time-consuming with no assurance of getting reach. So what should we do? Don't worry, we are here to help you with choosing the right place for your promotion. Just follow this post to narrow down the social media channels and make strategic promotion decisions.
Audience Our main goal is to reach the audience, so it is a strategically wise decision to first understand your audience and their behaviour. If you have a website running, then analyse where your referrals and audience are coming from. Tools like Social Sprout will help you analyse your followers on the basis of age, location, and engagement rate. But what if you are just starting a business? Don't worry, your product can talk to you too.
If you have a product that is only useful for the elderly, just search Google for a social media platform that has a higher engagement rate for older citizens. Similarly, if you have a product that you want to sell internationally and know that international audiences might be interested in it, then just search for demographics that show the use of social media usage country-wise and target the audience of a specific country or state.
According to some studies, one person accesses around 6-7 social media sites. some of them could be for personal use and others are used by organizations like linked in or interest etc. The social media sites used by businesses create a great advertising opportunity for B2B products. Products that are targeted for young audiences can use platforms with more young influencers.
Know your social media needs Social media can be used for different types of business goals. you need to understand the goal behind your actions. Why you use social media in the first place also influences your decision. If you want to share content and engage with your followers, there are several networks that work based on the type of content you share. However, if customer support is your top priority, Twitter and Facebook will take precedence over Instagram. should. There can be several goals, like increasing brand awareness. sales/leads generation increase the reach of my brand's awareness in the community. increasing web traffic.
Know your competitors. You can analyse your competitor's actions and try to understand their reach. If their posts are working at one social network and not working on another, you will know where your audience is. What types of jobs are good for them? What do the comments say about them? Answers to these questions can help you better understand how your competitors are performing. Social media is great for competitor analysis. Here two main ways marketers use social data are to communicate the strength of customer loyalty and to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of competitors' products and services. If your competitors are doing well on a particular channel, it's a good sign that you can use these tactics too. An easy way to track your competitors' performance is with competitor reports like those provided by Sprout Social. Compare your performance and growth with your added competitors in easy-to-read charts.
Resources Social media promotions need a lot of time, research, and strategizing to be implemented for increasing reach. Asking yourself how much time or team you have could be a good question while choosing a social media. The next question is which tool to use. Scheduling, analytics, preview, and engagement management are all typical features of social media management software. Some companies focus on a handful of networks, while others include top social media platforms like Sprout and review management platforms like Google My Business and TripAdvisor. The more channels you use, the more time you spend managing them.
If you do these things, you will be able to find the best social media platform for you. But if you don't have a big team or resources, then hiring a digital marketing firm will be your best way to do social media promotions.
We at 4squaredigital have a huge team that can work for you and complete your social media needs. All you have to do is book an appointment with us and we will take care of everything else.

The Ultimate Guide to Media Buying in 2022.?

Have you ever heard an ad jingle that gets stuck in your mind? You heard it because a media buyer has marketed it in as many mediums as possible. In simple words, media buying is the process that ensures the brand gets the best coverage within a given marketing budget. Media buying agencies have big organizational networks that make sure the client is getting the best coverage across all kinds of media platforms. This includes print, outdoor, digital, and radio communications. Let us try to dive into the world of media buying and try to understand the process.
The first part of the media buying process is preparation for the campaign. The first step in effective advertising is determining your target audience and the demographics you are trying to reach. To advertise successfully, you need to know who you are promoting. How old is the organization? Where are they from and where do they live? What other interests do they have? Take the time to understand who your brand is trying to reach and use that as a guide when crafting your messaging. This will help you with targeted media buying later.
What is your message What does your campaign look like from a creative perspective? Finally, what do you hope to achieve from your advertising? These questions are designed to create a clear and consistent marketing approach for your brand. Goals include increasing website clicks, getting more people to know your brand, and improving conversions from first contact to purchasing customers.
After planning, the next thing to be considered is creating a strategy. Once you have a better understanding of who and how you want to reach, you can start planning which media ad space to buy. Let your target audience inform these decisions. It's important to consider which platforms and media spaces are most likely to be used by your target audience. For example, young college students are less likely to read newspapers or see advertisements every morning but more likely to listen to audio streaming services on their morning trips. Prioritize buying ad space that can be reached organically rather than where they have to look to find you.
Use these ideas to set your budget and how much money you are willing to spend on media purchases. Try to make this as realistic as possible. Simultaneous advertising on TV, radio, billboards, and magazines may be ideal, but not always possible. You'll have to prioritise where you think your ads will work best, and you may lose some other options, but don't worry. With proper planning and understanding of your target audience, your ads will definitely find the right place to show your ad jingle.
After strategizing, the next step is the execution of the strategy. This is the point where all the planning and strategizing comes into action and becomes fruitful. We run ads on all the platforms on which our target audience is most active. One thing that needs to be considered is the timing of your posts, as most social media show the content in a timely order, putting the most recent at the top. This is why understanding the best time to post is important. so that the post can get the most coverage possible. If the target audience is office-going people, they might see it in the morning while travelling to their offices. If we are targeting teenagers, they will become active in the afternoon after coming back from school. If the product is for family or the elderly, they might get active after dinner, so that's the best time to post. For outdoor ads, when the traffic is heavy is the best time to show your ad on digital hoardings.
The final step in the process is tracking our reach and optimizing it. A media buyer's work only starts here, as it is the point where we start getting results from all previous steps. This is where the client starts to get business. This is where media buyers start developing future strategies after looking at results. So next time when it is time for a new marketing campaign to run, we can have all the data to execute it at its best, increasing brand exposure.
How can we help you? We at 4squaredigital provide quality media buying services. We included all types of digital marketing strategies to help your business grow. All you have to do is book an appointment with us and we will take care of your business in the digital world.